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Upcoming Events

Stress-Management: A Three-Level Approach

February 26

In our culture, the standard plan for dealing with stress is to “shake it off” with an after-work yoga session or an early morning run. But this doesn’t work when the wave of stress coming at us every day is more like a tsunami. We need a better approach.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how managing stress requires work on three different levels: prevention, resilience, and healing.

After Schools Clubs, Inc.
Oregon, WI

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Using emotional intelligence to deal with stress and change

May 9

We now know that emotional intelligence is not only a key leadership skill, it’s a buffer against stress.  We’ll explore the importance of emotional resilience and strong communities as shields against the impacts of stress, and a key technique for reducing the amount of stress flooding our minds and bodies.

Wisconsin Health Information Management Association (WHIMA) Annual Conference
Thursday, May 9th 2019
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Is privacy so 20th century? Privacy issues in the digital era

May 15 – 6:15PM

In the 21st century digital era, what does the very concept of “privacy” mean? And who gets to decide? We’ve all discovered over the past couple of years that what we thought was private in our social media accounts simply isn’t. Not only are Facebook and other companies selling our data, there’s really no way to “scrub” your posts to erase your past – as politicians, job-seekers, and CEOs alike are discovering every day.

Across generations we also now have very different ideas of what the meaning of “privacy” is – with the expected clashes between Millennials and Gen Z and their older colleagues and employers.

Figuring out what privacy means in the digital era can be the difference between success and failure for employers, employees, and job seekers.

821 E. Washington Ave (Spark Building)
May 15, 2019

Seating limited – reservations link coming soon!

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