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The Millennial Wave: Key Recruitment & Retention Issues

March 28 - 9:30AM

In 2018, Millennials will comprise more than 36% of the American workforce. By 2030 they (along with their up-and-coming Gen Z brothers and sisters) will be around 75% of the workforce, and older Millennials will occupy key leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. Any company or organization that wants to thrive over the next 20 years must walk away from the many stereotypes you see in the popular media and come to understand on a much deeper level what this generational shift will mean.

In this presentation, we’ll dig deeper into what it means to be part of a “generation,” learn how to spot bad advice and pseudo-science on this important topic, and review some of the early research available on key factors in recruitment and retention of Millennials employees.

American Family DreamBank
March 28th, 9:30AM
One North Pinckney, Madison, WI 53703
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