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DREAM BIG: Stress Management - A Three Level Approach

August 23 - 6:15PM-7:15PM

In our culture, the standard plan for dealing with stress is to “shake it off” with an after-work yoga session or an early morning run. But this doesn’t work when the wave of stress coming at us every day is more like a tsunami. We need a better approach. As a part of the Dream Big Series, I’ll discuss how managing stress requires work on three different levels: prevention, resilience, healing. Join us for this free DreamBank presentation where we’ll explore the importance of emotional resilience and strong communities as shields against the impacts of stress, and a key technique for reducing the amount of stress flooding our minds and bodies. From there, we can create mindfulness practices that work for us (it’s not just about meditating in lotus position!) so that we can truly manage our stress.

1 N Pinckney St, Madison
Thursday, August 23rd
6:15PM – 7:30PM
Free to the public
Please RSVP!

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