Career Transition Coaching

Today, it’s less and less likely that people will start and finish a career at the same organization.

In fact, career shifts are now the norm.

Cross-sector shifts – going from education to private sector or from public sector to non-profits and back again – aren’t unusual anymore, either.

Career transition coaching can help you navigate the emotional, strategic, and practical aspects of looking for a new job or bridging to a career in a brand-new areas through:

  • Values exploration and clarification
  • Understanding how your skills apply in a variety of settings, and across different sectors
  • Learning how to tell your story, so employers understand what you bring to the table
  • Mapping out your “soft skills” – the ones most likely to get you from interview to job offer
  • Exploring emotional blocks or faulty belief systems that are holding you back
  • Support in building new social and professional networks
  • Help redesigning your resume, LinkedIn entry, and social media profile
  • Preparing for interviews – including how to (subtly) interview them
  • Thinking through how to negotiate salary and benefits
“Working with Debby was incredibly helpful. She provided just exactly the right combination of support and accountability that I needed to make a career decision. I feel much more clear about where I am going, and more importantly, much more in command of my own choices.”
Kimberly Jacobs-Beck, Cincinnati, OH
“I’m was in the midst of making some profound professional decisions about my career. I was always skeptical about using coaching services thinking that they were a frivolous extravagance in my over scheduled, hectic working life. Debby was a just in time,
effective resource that has given me a process and tools for making a decision that’s right for me. It wasn’t advice or self-help
puffery. It was a structured conversation with real tasks designed to achieve a goal I set. I would recommend this to anyone seeking
a change within their current organization, looking to switch careers entirely or simply looking to reflect on where they are to
determine where they want to go.”

Ellen Holmes, Palermo, Maine