Health Check

Wondering if you need support from a consultant like me?
Check the box if the scenario sounds familiar…

  • We’re ready to scale up! We’ll need more staff, different processes, new communication tools, and more board members – yikes! How will we coordinate all that?!?
  • A couple of people just can’t get along, and it’s pulling the team down. Short of ousting them, what can we do?
  • A virtual assistant could really help us. But how do you supervise a v.a.? Plus, we don’t even know how to hire one.
  • Our committee system isn’t as active as we need it to be. And we can’t figure out what the source of the problem is…
  • Our 22-year executive director just announced she’s retiring. Maybe this is the moment to re-think a lot of things, before we make a transition plan and get ready to hire.
  • Our strategic plans just sit gathering dust on a shelf. We need to execute and do it together.
  • We need to re-think our operations. Our mission is more important than ever, but how we deliver doesn’t work anymore.
  • We added new staff and now there’s confusion about who’s responsible for what. We need to reorganize the work.

If you checked one or more of these boxes, you’re due for a check-up!  (Actually, if you’re worried enough to be reading this page, you’re ready for a check-up.) 
Let’s talk, the initial consultation is free!

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