Speaking Topics Available:

Speaking: The Crucial Challenges The Crucial Challenges

Generations in the Workplace. Communication across Cultural Borders. Emotional Intelligence.
Theses are the “soft” skills that make and break leaders. Are you ready?

Speaking: The Multitasking Myth The Multitasking Myth

Multitasking: Why it seems real. Why it’s not. How it’s hurting us.

Coach Your Team!

There are three “coaching superpowers” you can learn and practice to improve your leadership and your team’s effectiveness
(even if you’re not an ICF-trained coach).

Speaking: Generations in the Workplace Generations in the Workplace

Busting Stereotypes, Building Teams

It’s not enough to manage stress with techniques such as meditation, stretching and exercise. We’ve got to reduce the amount of stress coming at us, and build our resilience. Seem impossible? It’s not.
Speaking: Coaching & Mentoring Mentoring, coaching, counseling, advising …what’s the difference?

Basically, they’re different tools for different jobs.
How do you know which one you need? I give a quick overview of the differences between these services, and the different sensitivities required when an employer or family member is paying the bill.