I’m in the midst of making some profound professional decisions about my career. I was always skeptical about using coaching services thinking that they were a frivolous extravagance in my over scheduled, hectic working life. Debby was a just in time, effective resource that has given me a process and tools for making a decision that’s right for me. It wasn’t advice or self-help puffery. It was a structured conversation with real tasks designed to achieve a goal I set. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a change within their current organization, looking to switch careers entirely or simply looking to reflect on where they are to determine where they want to go.
Ellen Holmes, Palermo, Maine
Debby is extremely insightful and adept at cutting through complex dynamics to assist her clients in recognizing potential and reaching goals. I could not recommend her more highly if you are interested in challenging yourself through a supportive coaching relationship.
Beth Ludeman , Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pivot Coaching and Consulting is one of the most conscientious and professional coaching practices I’ve encountered. Debby is committed to helping individuals and organizations reach their goals–however those may be defined–and she is tireless in her advocacy of her clients. If you want a real partner-as-coach, Debby should be on your go-to!
Chariti Gent, Madison, Wisconsin
I’ve known Debby Herman for years. She is smart, creative, thoughtful, sensitive, and experienced. I’ve often relied on her advice and I think anyone who does seek out her counsel is making a wise decision. She is a tremendous resource for individuals as well as organizations. Her work in building the organization that I’ve been connected to was transformative and very beneficial for all involved.
John McNay, Fairfield, Ohio
I worked with Deborah on a short-term roadblock in my career. Not having worked with a coach before, I was hesitant at first. But Deborah is a skilled listener and was able to synthesize what I was working on in a manner that helped me progress in my career. She was very professional and made the most of my limited time.
Kristin K., Cross Plains, WI
Coaching sessions have helped me to broaden and improve my view of myself as a person and as a professional. I’m now considering options I would never have considered before, and am much better at allowing myself to “enjoy the moment” as I push forward toward my goals.
José V., Champaign, IL
Debby listened, did not judge and provided insightful feedback that brought me new awareness of the most crucial challenges I was facing, which were slowing the growth I wanted. This helped me initiate actions that led me to greater peace – and a new and more satisfying job.
Adam, Madison, WI
I was skeptical at first about the whole idea of coaching, but I had known Debby from my graduate school days, and not many people I know have such good sense, so I decided to give it a try. Working with Debby, I have become able to let go of certain notions that have long held me back from pursuing what I really wanted to do with my life, and more deliberately pursue the career path I truly want.
Susan B., Fayetteville, North Carolina
I’ve known Debby for years and she is amazing. She has a phenomenal skill set for this work. I’ve recommended her to several of my friends and they all became clients!
Kathy Rohde , Green Bay, Wisconsin
Debby with Pivot Consulting & Coaching has been an incredibly valuable resource to me as the nonprofit I began last year expands. She has been particularly helpful when it comes to creating cohesive messaging and effective organizational structure. Additionally, I had the pleasure of hearing Debby speak on the “Multitasking Myth” recently. She captivated a roomful of multi-taskers! Highly recommended all around.
Katy Krantz Hager , Madison, Wisconsin
I approached Deborah during a time of transition. I was relocating to a new state, and pivoting to a new role in my career.  This transition served as a good opportunity to re-align my career goals and evaluate/reaffirm my priorities. Deborah didn’t seek to provide answers for me – that’s not the role of a coach.  Instead, she offered conversation prompts and asked powerful questions that challenged me to examine my conclusions.  As a result, I achieved a clear understanding of my values and goals, which helped immensely in this transition.  I give my strongest endorsement to Deborah for her attentive listening, encouragement, and her adaptability to customize a solution that will fit your needs.
Dan Anderson, Madison, Wisconsin
I was struggling with the challenges of a new promotion at work. Debby was able to get me to open up and really think about myself, what history has been like in the past and what my fears are now.  She helped me see that I can move forward, face the unknowns and be more open. I feel much more confident now in my new position; I now believe I belong in this position, I have the skills to do this job and I can succeed!
Bridget, Mount Horeb, WI
I had many “ah ha!” moments in coaching, and learned things about myself that will stay with me for a lifetime.  Her process is comfortable, yet challenges you to find answers for yourself.  I would recommend Debby for anyone that is facing changes in life or a challenge that you would like help with, to discover your path to the future.
Paul S., Madison, Wisconsin
I had the pleasure of working with Debby in Cincinnati, and frequently relied on her consultation regarding delicate personnel matters. Her advise was always spot on — professionally, legally and ethically. I came to rely on Debby so much, but her most important lesson to me was to “be a boss” — the exact takeaway I needed from her consultations. It was no surprise to me that Debby started her own professional consulting and coaching firm — she is perfect for it!
Jeff Blevins, Cincinnati, Ohio